Han Lee, Cello


(chosen among first prize winners)

Andrew Hong (piano)
Alyssa Kim
Soo Yeon Lee
Five Strong Winds Woodwind Quintet

(Jae Hyun Moon, Joseph Jordan, Avarie Pet, Lee Cyphers, Andrew Hahn)


A (Ages up to 6)

First PrizeMadelyn Duong

B (Ages 7-9)

First Prize:  Kaitlyn Lee
Second Prize:  Hepsiba Lee
Third Prize:  Erenei Ligh

C (Ages 10-12)

First Prize Elliot Kim
Second Prize:  Julia Kim
Third Prize:  Karis Ligh, Claire Shang, Sarah Yoon

D (Ages 13-15)

First Prize Ming Nga Cheung
Second Prize:  Catherine Park
Third Prize:  Seungmin Paick

E (Ages 16-18)

First Prize:  Andrew Hong, Jeemin Lee

A (Ages up to 6)

First Prize:  Kathleen Lee (violin)

B (Ages 7 to 9)

First Prize Bernadette Kim (violin)
Second Prize:  Jisang Kymm (violin)
Third Prize:  Bryan Bin (violin), Hye-Won Shim (violin)

C (Ages 10-12)

First prize:  Asher Kalfus (cello), Dylan Wu (cello)
Second Prize Angela Inseo Choi (violin), Olivia Oh (violin)
Third Prize:  Katelyn Moon (violin)

D (Ages 13-15)

First Prize:  Alyssa Kim (violin), Heechan Ku (cello)
Second Prize:  Susan Baek (cello), Jacqueline Hahn (viola), Eilene Lee (violin)
Third Prize:  Sami Ahn (double bass), Haemaru Chung (violin), Sophia Steger (violin)

E (Ages 16-18)

First PrizeHannah Ko (cello)
Second Prize:  Yurie Minamiya (violin), Christine Suh (violin)
Third Prize:  Ethan Cobb (cello), David Shin (viola)

C (Ages 10-12)

First Prize:  Iris Chang (clarinet)
Second Prize:  Andrea Loo (oboe)
Third Prize:  Abigail Lee (oboe)

D (Ages 13-15)

First PrizeHannah Lee (flute)
Second Prize: Hye Jin Cho (flute)
Third Prize: Kari Wong (oboe)

E (Ages 16-18)

First prizeSoo Yeon Lee (bassoon)
Second Prize: Jung Woo Lee
Third Prize: Elizabeth Egan
(bassoon), Sarah Yae (flute)

D (Ages 14-18)

First Prize:
• Chokolat Piano Quintet; Annamaria Vasmatzidis, (violin), Christine Suh (violin), Cynthia Phillippi (viola) Cordelia Mutter (cello), Sining Liu (piano)

• Five Strong Winds Woodwind Quintet; Jae Hyun Moon (flute), Joseph Jordan (oboe), Avarie Pet, (clarinet), Lee Cyphers (horn), Andrew Hahn (bassoon)

Second Prize:
Ensemble Vivace; Corinne Au (violin), Ester Choi (piano)

Third Prize:
• Bravura Piano Quartet; Melodee Li (violin), Jennifer Mao (viola), Jaehyun Kim (cello), Vivian Xu (piano)

• Third Street Piano Quartet; Olivia D’Amato (violin), Conor Niegowski (viola), Michal Mandil, (cello), Josue Kennedy Nunez (piano)

A (Ages 8-10)
Second PrizeSiann Han (musical)

B (Ages 11-13)

First PrizePardiss Mehrzad (classical)
Second PrizeSehjin Jo (classical)

C (Ages 14-16)

First PrizeTheresa Carlomagno (classical)
Second Prize Irene Chun (classical), Emma Levy (musical)

D (Ages 17-18)

First PrizeAshley Kim (classical), Hannah Song (musical)
Second PrizeKati Kim (classical)



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